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The best way to experience the real Japan is through the small festivals
that take place in the countryside.

7 Things to Consider Before Offering
Private English Lessons
Enjoying The Summertime Nature
Hida-Takayama Jazz Festival How 1 Year In Japan CHanged Me
Visiting Japan Without
Seaking Japanese – Part 1
Visiting Japan Without
Seaking Japanese – Part 2
Visiting Japan Without
Seaking Japanese – Part 3
A Look At The River
– Takayama Gifu Japan
Bike Ride In My Neighborhood Catching A Cold In Japan
Manual Harvesting of Rice Fields Hiking in Hida Kiyomi
Sunshine, Snow and Sakura Rainy Day Jogging Break
Mid-March Walk In The Neighborhood Hyaku En (1$) Sushi
Hiking In The Japanese Alps Hounoko Ski Area, Resort, Onsen
Driving Through the Countryside Farewell To The Tanbo
Nyukawa Takayama Festival – Part 1 Nyukawa Takayama Festival – Part 2

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