I’d like to welcome you to my blog, a documented journey of picking up and starting over in a foreign land. Relocation from Hollywood, California to the Japanese countryside – and everything that went into it. From pre-planning to introspective thoughts on the matter, from moving logistics to cultural observations, and on to the development of a new beginning.

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I’m always surprised when I bring up Onsen to Americans as one of my favorite things about Japan – and they aren’t familiar with it. Onsen is the Japanese term for “hot spring” but really it covers a lot more than that.
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Shirakaba Family Land 白樺 ファミリーランド

A spontaneous weekend family road-trip took place. We recently made it to an amusement park in Nagano, called Shirakaba Family Land 白樺 ファミリーランド. I imagine most Americans are familiar with Nagano due to the winter Olympics of 1998 being held there, and yes as expected there was plenty of mountains and water which would facilitate such an … Continue reading Shirakaba Family Land 白樺 ファミリーランド

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