Welcome to my blog, a documented journey of relocation from Hollywood, California to the Japanese countryside. From the move, to getting settled, to the subsequent adventures that take place. I’ll offer my insights on the culture, raising children, the beauty of Japan and more!

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8 Things That Are Cheaper in Japan
Sure, lots of people like to say that Japan is expensive. But that’s not necessarily true. Many things are actually cheaper in Japan, and it also depends quite a bit on your lifestyle.  Read more>>

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Made In Japan / China / America

One very obvious cultural different after moving from America to Japan – was noticing where products and goods are manufactured. In America we’ve gotten used to the fact that nearly everything is made in China. We think of China as the worlds shopping mall for all things cheap, and ultimately disposable. In fact it’s quite … Continue reading Made In Japan / China / America

Costco Items That Every Foreigner in Japan Needs

So you’ve moved to Japan from the USA, or maybe you’re just here for an extended period. Chances are there’s a few things your going to miss from home. While big cities offer about anything you might need (for a price), dwellers of the countryside like me might be out of luck, or forced to … Continue reading Costco Items That Every Foreigner in Japan Needs

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